Filip Igic


See below what services I offer and how I can help you.


UI/UX Prototyping

Once we discuss the website design, I will create a prototype of the website for you with prototyping software so you can visualise what the end result would look like.



On the frontend side, I will recreate the prototype from the design phase into an actual website. I will also implement animations to make the website more visully appealing. Accessibility features will also be implemented along with SEO data.


If needed for a specific project, the backend (server) side will be developed using modern fast technologies that will ensure scalability and speed to your web app. During this stage, databases will also be setup if needed.

mobile responsiveness

In 2020, mobile accounts amount to approx. half of Internet traffic which is why I make websites completely mobile friendly to ensure all visitors have a great experience using your website.

Online Presence

Business Location and Reviews

I will help you get setup on platforms such as Google Business which means your business will be present on Maps as well as give your customers a place to leave their positive reviews.

Social Media

I can create your social media accounts to help build brand awareness to your target audience.

Professional Emails

I can set you up with your own professional email based on your domain which helps businesses appear more legitimate to customers and other businesses.



Once your website is up and running, I can set you up with analytics for analysing your website traffic. This will help you with marketing i.e. Track sales leads and conversions to ensure you maximise your product sales.


Website Speed

Websites developed by me will have high scores in lighthouse reports. Having a fast website is necessary for SEO.

Reduce Bandwidth Consumption

From both frontend and backend sides, code has to be clean and efficient. If a web app is badly written it would cost a ton to maintain (due to it eating away into your bandwidth allowance) and it would only get worse as your website becomes larger, which is why I make sure to keep my code fast and efficient with minimum callbacks.

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