Filip Igic

I'm Filip Igic

I'm a freelance website developer and designer from the UK.

Why work with me?


I have an IT Extended Diploma from Bedford College and I am currently in my final year of study at Lancaster University, working towards a BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree.


Throughout my years I have changed technologies I use for developing websites plenty of times and do my best to constantly use the most modern solutions.

The current technologies I use are:

  • Gatsby JS
  • React-Native (Frontend App)
  • React (Frontend Web)
  • Node.js (Backend Server)
  • MongoDB (Database)

My Approach


We will discuss your product, target audience, budget, marketing and website design.


I will create a website design based on what we have discussed. Once you are happy with it, we can proceed to the development stage.


This is where I will make the design a reality. You will recieve a link to the demo website and can monitor the progress I make. I will also regularly update you via email on the progress.


Once developed, it's time to deploy and bring in traffic to your website.

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